You can reach any of our staff through our contact form or by calling SSWAP at 902-275-5585.

Odessa Bezanson

Growing up in the Annapolis Valley, Odessa has always enjoyed learning new things.  She completed her Bachelor of Science at Dalhousie University; then went to Queensland, Australia for Boston University’s School for Field Studies program; and finally she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Studies at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

In 2008 she migrated to the South Shore and began work at SSWAP as the Upgrading Instructor/Counsellor – a job she loves immensely because it allows her to learn new things every day and also share her love of learning (and Math) with others.

Heather Collicutt

Heather Collicutt is the Financial Coordinator at South Shore Work Activity Program. She is responsible for all accounting functions and is very popular with both staff and participants on payday. Heather joined the staff at SSWAP in 2001 and very much enjoys working with participants and staff. She resides in the Chester area with her husband and has two grown children.

Darlene Mills

Darlene Mills is the Program Leader at SSWAP. She has worked for SSWAP for the last 14 years in a variety of roles including Upgrading Instructor as well as Program Leader.  Prior to working with SSWAP, Darlene worked for the South Shore District School Board as an Elementary Teacher for 15 years. She currently resides on the South Shore.

She is a firm believer that being passionate about your work is the key to success and that is how she feels about working with the clients who attend the Work Activity Program. Darlene would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the program or to schedule a tour of our facilities.

David Outhouse

David returns to the Work Activity Program as Work Centre Manager after more than 14 years as Executive Director with South Shore Community Service Association and over 10 years prior to that as the Centre Manager at SSWAP.  A passionate believer that everyone has skills they can use to become employed and stay employed, David looks forward to being part of a team of staff that work collectively to help people create a vision for themselves and support their personal journey towards that goal. 

David C. Saunders

Prior to joining the team on Dec. 1, 2015 as the woodworking shop instructor, David had operated a woodworking business since graduating from Sheridan College in 1986.  He has extensive experience in both commercial and residential furniture and cabinet making.  David has constructed several buildings, worked in the film industry as a set builder, re-fit yachts and renovated several structures in the Chester area. 

David’s main desire is to help participants reach their goals and achieve their potential not just in the woodworking shop but in all areas at SSWAP. 

Alison Whitehead

Alison Whitehead is an Instructor/Counsellor who joined South Shore Work Activity Program in February 2017.  Prior to joining the Team at SSWAP, she taught numerous IT courses among others including Microsoft Office suite, Digital Photography, Photoshop, Digital Scrapbooking as well as Employment Readiness courses.  She has a degree in Education.  Prior to that she ran a ceramics business after graduating from Art College.  Working mainly with the Technology curriculum at SSWAP, Alison provides instruction in Career Exploration, Computer Fundamentals, and Portfolio Development as well as providing some of the supervision in the vocational areas of Reception, Food Services, and Janitorial training.

Her main role is to assist participants discover the pathways that will take them into their future work as well as how to make it all happen.  Born in Wales in the UK, Alison has been making her home on the South Shore of Nova Scotia since 2013.