Learning in the woodworking shopWe believe that every person has the ability to contribute to the workplace and use their skills and talents to do so.

Maybe you lack confidence and need to discover your abilities. At SSWAP, you get to make these discoveries, gain confidence and open doors to connect with employers while developing the skills and knowledge to succeed.

We have seen many participants shine! Here are a few from 2015-16:

Steven had formal training in digital animation, but he had been unsuccessful in finding a job. He joined SSWAP in 2015 to develop additional skills and change his situation.

Through his two work placements he has made contacts and demonstrated his abilities. He is currently working with a local video producer, learning editing and voice over skills and has produced a video that beautifully captures the essence of SSWAP’s work, which you can see on our homepage.

Steven is happy with the work he has done at SSWAP and the connections he has made. He is now far more ready to find the type of work that he wishes to do.

Connie completed the program at SSWAP in February 2016.

When she started at SSWAP she was unemployed and feeling isolated. She wanted to improve her employment and education situation, but she was not sure about what she was able to do.

At SSWAP, she worked diligently and developed more confidence. Through the program and two work placements, she successfully improved her employment marketability and education levels.

Connie is now actively and more confidently looking for work she wants to do in the food services or home care industry.

handshake Ashley started the program in January, somewhat shy and unsure of what to do with her life since graduating high school.

Ashley is now finishing Level 2 of the program and has shown great improvement in her confidence. She has a clear idea of her work and life goals, is taking action every day to make that happen and is looking forward to upcoming work placements.